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Saturday the 5th of September, 2015 [15:12 PM GMT]
Final Fantasy Insight - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Miscellaneous

Final Fantasy XIII-2 System: Moogle Throw

Moogle Throw is one of two new gameplay elements introduced to Final Fantasy XIII-2 in which Mog can helpfully discover items the player may not be able to reach by themselves. The other element is Moogle Hunt.

How Does It Work?
Treasure-seeking Moogle!
With the inclusion of Mog in Final Fantasy XIII-2, several items have been placed outside of reach to the party by normal means, and during these times it may be necessary to use Moogle Throw to reach them. Unlike Moogle Hunt, where the item is usually out of sight, and the player has to rely on Mog to even know they're there, treasures that require the use of Moogle Throw are usually visible, but too far away for a character to reach. Under these circumstances, it is possible to grab Mog using the L1 (PlayStation 3) or LB (Xbox 360) button and then aim him using the control stick, and finally the character will throw him with a press of the R1 (PS3) or RB (Xbox 360) button. Whilst executing a Moogle Throw, Mog will flail and thrash around to escape the character's grasp, and audibly complain, as he does not like to be thrown around.

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